Lana Kuidir – Fashion’s Next “IT” Designer

I spoke with Lana recently via telephone about showing her collection at Start Up Fashion Week . Just by speaking with this designer, I can already tell that she is making big waves in Toronto’s fashion community.

Lana Kuidir offers women pieces that inspire confidence and strength. A high-end esthetic that assures quality from artistic textiles to empowred silhouettes. Each piece in her collection showcases a different experience she has been through, which evokes true emotion within. This is a standout collection that will leave you wanting more.


“Toronto is the first place that has felt like home to me”

I asked Lana, what inspired her to create such magical pieces, and she said “this collection is for people to relate to & understand that we all go through life experiences, and that it’s what shapes and moulds us into who we are”.

Fashion is a part of who Lana is. Her family has been in the fashion industry for many generations, starting with her grandfather, who owned one of the largest textile businesses in Syria. This is where she became mesmerized by how the fabrics could be transformed into beautiful creations. Before fashion, she also studied art & technology, so that she could intertwine all three together. Even throughout her travels, she has explored fashion capitals. However, she didn’t always think she could be a fashion designer. “I’m not much of a sketcher, and this made me think that I may not be a great designer. Then I realized that without sketching I could still create great pieces.”


She leans on the great Stephane Rolland for inspiration. “When a designer can manipulate the textile and the style together, that is what challenges me and inspires me the most.” When Lana looks at fashion designs, she wants to be amazed by the process of thought, and left wondering how the hell did they do that.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” – Henry Ford (Lana’s favourite quote)

I was curious to know how she found out about StartUp Fashion Week. She said that it was through an instructor that lead her to apply, and she says that it’s a great experience thus far. “Everyone is great, and I am excited to share the experience with fellow designers”.

So what’s next for Lana do you ask? Well, she would like to focus more on private clients. Even though she already has her next collection designed, she is trying to live in the moment and enjoy everything that comes with it.

To see Lana’s designs up close, purchase a ticket to StartUp Fashion Week’s Runway show on October 7th at 6:30pm by clicking here. For more on Lana Kuidir’s fashions, and to view her lookbooks, visit her website at 


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