Sleep Envie’s Art filled Launch Party

As Nuit Blanche was on last night, I recently went to an art installation launch party that tied in sleep & food like no other experience.

Introducing Sleep Envie, a mattress company looking to improve your overall sleep experience so that all the other aspects your life can be optimized. By customizing your sleep preference, your bedroom will be transformed into a place of peace and productivity.

I was invited to the Sleep Envie launch party, where we nibbled on comfort foods such as the candy bar, beef sliders, chicken & waffles, and sipped on mimosas while relaxing in style on one of two luxurious mattresses we could test out. To tie in Nuit Blanche, Sleep Envie collaborated with artists Chelsea Desiree & Mel Coleman, who created amazing pieces showcasing an oasis for sleep.

Sleep Envie’s mattresses, are not a one size fits all kind. They are able to create a customized mattress that suits your sleep personality. Head on over to their website and take the Mattress Quiz. After taking the quiz, I found that the sloan mattress would best suit my sleep personality. I may just purchase one, as they are in an affordable price range from $399 for a twin to $779 for a King. Backed by their 100 night’s sleep trial, and free shipping policy, this a mattress you definitely want to try out if you are looking for a new one.

Sweet dreams 🙂



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