Why the Networking Event of 2016 is not your usual networking event……

I don’t know about you, but I found a surge in the amount of networking events in Ontario during 2016. Just about all of them were the same, attracting a large crowd of entrepreneurs looking to make connections with other likeminded entrepreneurs. However, this hardly happened. At most networking events, it’s hard to go alone, so everyone brings their “wing person”, and what happens is that they end up talking to that “wing person” for the night, and don’t really meet any new connections. Sound familiar? Due to this stigma on networking events, most no longer want to go, and even cite it as a waste of time. Enter The Networking Event of 2016, to shake up the game.

The Networking Event of 2016 is looking to change the game of how entrepreneurs network with one another. Instead of a “sales pitch” environment, Modest Eats co-owners Catherine Nikkel & Mirlo Liendo, are looking to create an environment where entrepreneurs can let down their guard, have fun, and make valuable connections in a friendly setting. These ladies are taking their social service experience to the next level, by inviting entreprenuers to come out and experience the “best bites” put on by some of the best flavours from local chefs, caterers and bakers around the GTA.

Photography By: Jeff David King (@Through.My.Telescope) www.ThroughMyTelescope.com

As I enjoyed my lemon ginger detox tea, and they, their celery soup from Rawlicious, we connected on so many levels. This is true networking. Being able to interact with someone in such an intimate setting, is refreshing, and can truly possibly lead to collaborations. It is at this moment, that I realize that this event will be a breath of fresh air, and change the landscape of networking events around Toronto.

If you would like to join me and experience something different, purchase your ticket today from Eventbrite. They are only $5, and include food samples plus 1 drink ticket. In addition, you’ll be supporting a great cause, a portion of the proceeds collected from ticket sales will be donated to HFG (Happy Families Group) a non profit charity designed to assist women and children who are survivors of domestic abuse.

“So whether you are an entrepreneur, a foodie, or one in the same …. We look forward to meeting you October 15, 2016!” – Catherine Nikkel & Mirlo Liendo  

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