FashionCan – A Fashion Designer’s Dream Runway

As a way to preview Yorkdale newest expansion, “the Fashion wing”, CAFA, Yorkdale, and The Collections teamed up to feature an incredible roster of Canadian fashion talent, showcased over 2 days at an invite only event (Oct 16th & 17th), with a pop-up shop featuring the incredible roster until December 31, 2016 that can be viewed and purchased by fashionistas and consumers.

An unconventional twist to this format, was to have some shows as runway, and some shows as static presentations. In my opinion, the static shows allowed to you feel up close and personal with a collection, as if you were at home sipping wine and shopping online.

With Toronto Fashion Week no longer, this is a new concept that allows fashion designers to meet their most influential consumer, YOU!

As a wardrobe stylist, I present my favourite looks from each of the collections. To view the livestream of each show, click on the designer link.

 Maison Marie Ste Pierre, S/S 2017.
Jennifer Torosian, S/S 2017
Unttld, F/W 2017
SOSKEN Studios, S/S 2017
Christoper Paunil, S/S 2017

I had the opportunity to talk all things fashion with Christopher & Chalo, two humble guys who actually used to date. Feelings aside this duo has a passion for fashion that is like no other. Instead of mass generalizing themselves, they took a unique root by engaging their following organically, through social media, to capture their perfect consumer.

“We just broke 2,000 followers on Instagram!” – Chalo Hancock

They are changing the face of bridal fashion with their unique collection that is known from Say Yes to the Dress, and through Kleinfeld’s at Hudson’s Bay. Next, this duo sets their sights on becoming an internationally known brand. Good luck gentlemen!

Pink Tartan, F/W 2016
Greta Constantine, F/W 2016

Although I missed Day 1 of FashionCan, the finale show showcased the top 5 looks from each collection. Here are my favourite pieces from Day 1.

Stephen Caras, S/S 2017
Paul Hardy, F/W 2016
Narces, S/S 2017
Mackage, F/W 2016
Mikhael Kale, S/S 2017


That’s the show. Now I’m off to go shopping. It is after all, Fashion Friday!









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