Fashionable Foodie Toronto, established in 2013, became a way for Founder Caryn Parchment, to showcase all things fashion & food from Toronto and around the world. Based in Toronto, Canada, Fashionable Foodie Toronto reports on fashion events, food events, designer collaborations, new restaurant openings, trends and more.

Fashionable Foodie Toronto works in collaboration with DivaGirl Fashion Toronto, which supports female entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, and provides them with a platform to grow their brands.


Fashionable Foodie Toronto is always looking to attend events to all things fashion and food, such as designer showcases, fashion events, restaurant openings, tastings and more.

We provide coverage of local and international designs and cuisines. If you would like to add Fashionable Foodie Toronto to your PR List or inquire about advertising, collaborations, sponsorship or partnership opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or proposals.  Please get in touch via our Contact page.


Caryn Parchment, is a city girl that has been a Fashionista before the term existed. From the tender age of 8 years old, growing up watching Jeanne Becker on Fashion Television, Caryn always knew that she wanted to parlay into the Fashion world in her adult years. She started off by sketching a fashion line at the age of 16, and then headed off to Ryerson University to study print and marketing looking to work for the likes of Fashion or Flare Magazine. As Caryn, graduated during the recession, she transitioned her career into the food industry working with the likes of LCBO, Canadian Tire, and KFC to name a few. However, her heart strings have always tugged at an opportunity in Fashion, and thus, she left the food industry to emerge into the Toronto fashion industry as a budding wardrobe stylist, and blogger working with designers and personal clients. As she also wants to keep her passion for food alive, she will occasionally provide reviews on new restaurants, and share recipes that have kept her in shape. She is constantly looking to grow her fashion empire, such as leader and co-founder of DivaGirl Fashion Toronto, which launched in November 2015.